JotForm is now 2 million users strong!

JotForm: Easiest Form Builder
JotForm is now 2 million users strong!

Hi JotFormers,

Happy New Year!

Cue the marching band, fireworks, noisemakers, parade floats, colorful beads, feathery boas, confetti, and popping champagne bottles! JotForm has reached 2 million users and we could not be more excited. We could not have gone this far without our lovely users. Thank you for your support, and we hope that you continue to enjoy JotForm.




JotForm Stats
First 2 Million Users


2083.33 miles would be the approximate distance if every JotForm user held hands at full arm's length. That's longer than the distance between San Francisco and St. Louis!

JotForm with Numbers

JotForm users come in all shapes and sizes, from Fortune 500
corpotations to pre-school teachers.

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What's in store
for JotForm in 2016?

What's in store for JotForm in 2016?

Amid cheers, champagne, fireworks, family, and friends, we're off to a good start in 2016. Here's a quick glimpse of what's in store for our vibrant community of online form builders.




Your visitors will fall in love
with your forms!

Browse Valentine's Day Form Themes




Listen to JotForm's CEO & Founder tell the story of
how JotForm grew to over 2 million users


How Aytekin Tank built a software company with over 2 million users & achieved a work-life balance that enables him to work on his business instead of in it!

JotForm's successful story



Theme of the

Beautiful Day

Theme of the Month

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The small nuances of form optimization that
you must get right


Make sure that you not only have the basics of online forms covered, but that the small nuances of form optimizing are in place as well. These details are small, but mighty. Are you missing any of them?

The Small Nuances of Form Optimization That You Must Get Right



JotForm's Medium Collection:
hear from the team

Our Medium Publication
Link: '7 Reasons Why I'm Happy to Earn My Master's Degree Online' by Chad Reid, Director of Communications

Chad Reid, Director of Communications

7 Reasons Why I'm Happy to Earn My Master's
Degree Online

I am an engineer by training. Turn back the clock five years and I would have been some sort of professional pariah...



Link: 'How to Create a Company Video' by Leeyen Rogers, VP of Marketing

Leeyen Rogers, VP of Marketing

How to Create a Company Video

Who knew that 3 months of work would go into creating 93 seconds of screen time?




Spotlight on JotForm's Pinterest:
Spark your imagination


Browse online form themes, get tips for teachers, check out the newest web design trends & more.





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